Vending machine cost for gym? Find out here!

Vending machine cost for gym? Find out here!

Vending machine cost for gym? Find out here!

Are you thinking of installing a vending machine in your gym and want to know what and how much the related costs are?
Then you have come to the right place!
In this article, we will look at the various types of gym vending machines available on the market and their associated costs.

Type of gym vending machines:
Before finding out the cost details, it is essential to understand the different types of vending machines available on the market. In recent years, these devices have taken many different forms:

· Dispensers operating 24/7
· Vending machines
· Water, protein and mineral salt dispensers
· Vending machines for fitness with alkaline water, water with added magnesium, still and sparkling water.

If you're unsure which choice is right for your gym, don't worry.
In this article, we will reveal the secrets to help you select the perfect vending machine.

Costs and methods of purchasing a gym vending machine:
The cost of a gym vending machine depends on the purchase method you choose: you can buy it or rent it.
In the first case, you will have to choose the most suitable product for your fitness center and with our help, understand the steps to insert it into your gym. On average, considering all aspects, the purchase of the dispenser complete with all the products and ready for use has an initial investment that can be between €5,900.00 and €18,500.000.
The other choice is the rental method, which can average around €3,000 per year, but which in our opinion is not convenient because the vending machine will never become your property, with all the disadvantages associated with this choice. Furthermore, the rental implies the payment of a non-repayable fee year by year with at least 24/36 months of minimum commitment.

The novelty, however, is linked to the profit that this type of product can offer to a fitness center.
The margins are very high and the customer who buys a vending machine for the gym returns from the investment in a few months.

Which one to choose? In our ACQUACOM product area you will find vending machine solutions for the gym, which offer the dispensing of products ranging from 3 to 10 selections, completely configurable by our customer during the confirmation phase.

You can choose between:

· Supply of microfiltered and purified alkaline water
· Supply of microfiltered and purified water with the addition of magnesium
· Supply of microfiltered and purified natural and sparkling water
· Dispensing of mineral salts in 9 flavor essences
· Supply of BCAA branched chain amino acids
· Protein dispensing

The management of the dispenser takes place via intelligent water bottles, our patent filed in 2013, which contribute to reducing plastic consumption for a "plastic free" fitness centre.

The question is: how is it possible to transform the initial investment into a business model that creates very high profits?

Is simple! With ACQUACOM, you have the opportunity to decide how much to earn and how to do it.
This occurs through the sale of two products/services:

· Sale of hydration packages with alkaline microfiltered water, magnesium, natural and sparkling and mineral salts
· Sale of hydration packages with single-dispensing branched chain amino acids and proteins.

The sale of these hydration packages is made at the desk of your fitness center and added to the customer, on their card, bracelet or smart bottle in addition to the fitness packages. This new service, which can be upsold or included in the fitness subscription, fully covers the initial costs and brings the service to a profit margin in a few months after installation.

If you would like to know more about how ACQUACOM DISTRIBUTORS work, you can send your details to this link and you will be contacted very quickly with all our current promotions.

Do you need further information on ACQUACOM vending machines and our proposals to reduce the costs of vending machines?
Browse our site and find the right solution for your fitness center and contact us by filling out our form by CLICKING HERE, one of our representatives will contact you to send you the current proposals suitable for your fitness center.

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