Vending machines for the gym, 10 reasons to choose one!

Vending machines for the gym, 10 reasons to choose one!

Vending machines for the gym, 10 reasons to choose one!

If you're wondering if there is a supplement vending machine specifically designed for the gym, the answer is a firm yes!

In this article, we will show you the only distributor created and designed specifically for gyms, together with 10 convincing reasons to choose it for your sports centre.

What exactly is a gym supplement vending machine?
First, let's clarify what a gym supplement distributor is. It is a system that allows you to deliver microfiltered and purified alkaline water, alone or mixed with supplements such as mineral salts, proteins and amino acids specific for physical activity.

If you wish to delve further into the topic, we recommend that you read our two articles in the news area of ​​our site to learn more about all aspects of a gym vending machine.

Do you want to find out what the 10 reasons are to choose one?

1. Optimal hydration:
A gym vending machine offers a constant supply of fresh alkaline water, mineral salts, amino acids and protein, ensuring your clients stay well hydrated during their workout.

Customers can easily access refreshing drinks and supplements without having to leave the gym or look elsewhere, obtaining a unique service that is very advantageous for you in terms of revenue.

3.Performance Support:
Provides specific training drinks, such as mineral salts and amino acid supplements, which can improve performance and speed recovery.

4.Variety of choices:
Gym vending machines offer a wide range of options, from sugar free mineral salts, to protein drinks, to amino acids, to functional water, so that customers can find what best suits their needs.

5.Green "plastic free" policy:
Customers can use a "plastic free" service through the use of water bottles and the fintess center can abandon the use of plastic bottles, offering a concrete solution to reduce the environmental impact to zero.

6.Customer Satisfaction:
Offering a gym vending service can improve customer satisfaction by demonstrating that you care about their well-being, as well as improve hydration during training with specific supplements.

7.Generating Additional Revenue:
You can earn money from the sale of hydration tickets by increasing the services offered through the distributor, thus increasing the overall revenue of the gym.

8.Brand Promotion:
By customizing the dispenser with the gym logo, using the touch monitor, you can promote your brand and improve visibility.

9.Clean and organized environment:
By eliminating the use of plastic, the fintess center is tidier and cleaner, eliminating the age-old problem of collecting and disposing of it with a "plastic free" logic.

Having a gym vending machine can make your gym more attractive than the competition, offering an additional valuable service to customers, with high profitability.

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